About This Blog

****At this time, I am not accepting unsolicited review requests. If you have a cover reveal or book event that fits within the parameters below, feel free to reach out to me via the contact page.****

Who Authors This Blog: My name is Michelle Bolanger. In addition to this blog, I am also a self-published author. You can find out all about what I write here: www.michellebolanger.com

What This Blog Does: This blog caters to readers and authors who prefer the clean(er) side of romance.

Why This Blog Started: To be a blog that reviews and promotes clean(er) books without subjecting potential readers to content or images they might find objectionable.

My promises to you:

I promise the book covers I chose to feature will have a minimal amount of skin – no shirtless men or lingerie clad ladies.

I promise to give respectful and honest reviews using all 5 stars. (DNF’s will not be rated.)

Acceptable and Preferred Content:

My Kind Of Romance Books are first and foremost CLEAN(ER) – meaning they contain limited to no graphic sexual acts. Some language and violence is acceptable. I reserve the right to determine my own limits for such things.

Genre preferences are: Y/A, N/A, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Paranormal, Contemporary, and Christian. Reviews and promotions will be shared on the blog, my Twitter (@mbolangerauthor), and on the blog Facebook page (@mykindofromancebooks).

I reserve the right to decide what books I review, share, and promote.



DNF = Did Not Finish

1 Latte = I didn’t like it, but I finished it.

2 Lattes = It was okay. I’m glad I finished.

3 Lattes = I liked it. I wanted to keep reading to the end.

4 Lattes = I liked it a lot, and didn’t want to stop reading.

5 Lattes = I loved it and couldn’t put it down.


Light Roast = Zero sexual content

Medium Roast = Suggested or implied sexual content

Dark Roast = Some descriptive sexual content

Espresso Roast = Multiple descriptive sexual scenes