The Vexing, by Tamara Leigh


The Vexing

Title: The Vexing (Age of Faith #6)

Author: Tamara Leigh

Publisher: Tamara Leigh

Release Date: May 12, 2017

Genre: Christian Medieval Romance

Format: Paperback, Audio, Kindle

Rating: 5 Lattes

Heat Level: Light Roast

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Answering her father’s summons to return home, Lady Beata Fauvel must evade capture by noblemen who seek to wed a great heiress. But when she falls into the hands of Queen Eleanor of England, she discovers her sovereign has plans of her own for the lady known France over as The Vestal Widow. Now Beata must not only escape the knight entrusted with ensuring she does not wed without permission, but survive a storm-tossed sea and revelation of a long-buried secret that could destroy her family. And what of a heart that wants what it cannot have? Will it only ever beat for the queen’s man?

For years, Sir Durand Marshal has faithfully served his queen as penance for betrayal of the Wulfrith family. When he rescues a woman pursued by vassals of the French king, he is charged with delivering to England the nearly scandalous lady who has only a name in common with the one he once loved. Though he never expects to feel anything beyond annoyance for the outspoken Lady Beata, he finds himself drawn to yet another woman denied him. Can he fulfill his duty to his liege? Or will he forsake his redemption and forever ruin his reputation—more, the lady’s?



I absolutely ADORE this series and have listened to the audio version multiple times.

In the previous Age of Faith books, Durand Marshal is the man you love to hate, yet despite everything, you end up rooting for him to gain his redemption after so many bad decisions.

First impression.

LOOK AT THE COVER! It is absolutely gorgeous.

I don’t know why, but in the previous books, I didn’t visualize him to be as young as he is, so at first I had a difficult time matching his character with the story. It took getting past the LOOOOONG shipwreck scene before I really felt like I had a good connection with him.
I loved Beata from the beginning and knew immediately she was the perfect match for wayward Durand. She, like the other ladies in the Age of Faith series, was incredibly strong in spite of all that had happened to her, yet her vulnerability made her extremely relateable.

What kept me reading. (Or didn’t.)
It was wonderful to get glimpses of the Wulfrith’s and their families as the story progressed and I will confess, I cried when it appeared we may have lost one of them. Big, fat, ugly tears. Life in the middle ages was very hard, and while I trust this author as one who doesn’t often kill off major characters, it would have been very believable.

I will note that the emphasis on faith and the church was significantly less in this book than it was in the others, and I kind of missed it. It was there, but their faith did not play a huge role in either of their character arcs.

I will also shamelessly admit I have listened to the final chapter at LEAST four times. The ending is so wonderfully written it loses none of the impact even though I know word for word what will happen.

After Taste
Baron Marshal has a great ring to it.

Overall Impression

While I felt like the shipwreck scene dragged on for me, over all this book ranks second on my list of the 6 so far in the series. Garr and Annyn from “The Unveiling” will always be my favorite because…Garr.
I would recommend this book to all ages, and if you love historical romance, you do not want to miss this series. And I absolutely can NOT recommend the audio version enough. I could honestly listen to the narrator read a phone book.

About the Author

Tamara Leigh

Tamara Leigh holds a Master’s Degree in Speech and Language Pathology. In 1993, she signed a 4-book contract with Bantam Books. Her first medieval romance, Warrior Bride, was released in 1994 and nominated for a RITA award. Continuing to write for the general market, she was published with HarperCollins and Dorchester and earned awards and spots on national bestseller lists.

In 2006, Tamara’s first inspirational contemporary romance, Stealing Adda, was released. In 2008, Perfecting Kate was optioned for a movie and Splitting Harriet won an ACFW Book of the Year award. The following year, Faking Grace was nominated for a RITA award. In 2011, Tamara wrapped up her Southern Discomfort series with the release of Restless in Carolina.

When not in the middle of being a wife and mother, Tamara dips her writer’s pen in ink and nose in a good book. In 2012, she returned to the historical romance genre with Dreamspell: A Medieval Time Travel Romance, followed by the Age of Faith series, which now includes the seventh book, The Awakening. Tamara’s #1 Bestsellers—Lady at Arms, Lady Of Eve, Lady Of Conquest, and Lady Betrayed—are among her general market romances to be rewritten as clean reads. Baron Of Blackwood, the third book in the #1 bestselling series, The Feud, is now available.

Tamara lives near Nashville with her husband, a German Shepherd who has never met a squeaky toy she can’t destroy, and a feisty Morkie who keeps her company during long writing stints. And then there’s Boog, her grandpuppy…

Connect with Tamara at her website, her blog The Kitchen Novelist, her email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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